søndag 12. april 2009


The ThiazVids blog has been created.

I started the Youtube channel Thiazvids in 2007 and it has rised to become a popular channel.

The channel is built around the West Coast gang culture and the rap scene, with new and classic vids.

My subscribers are begging me to make more vids and I really can't keep up wit all the request. It takes time, and I got work to do and a life outside Youtube.

I'm trying to start a blog to get donations from my viewers. I do this because this shit takes time, and time is money. I'm not forcing you to donate, I just would appreciate it and it would make this channel a whole lot better, with new material. I do this also because I don't wan't no bullshit ads on my vids. I hate them and I'll bet you do to.

Donations will be done through the donation button on the right side of the blog. It directs you to Paypal wich is very easy and safe to use. Those of you who got an eBay account are probably familiar with Paypal. Any donations is appreciated, but I won't lie. The more, the better!